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  • Organization: Vericant
  • Email: unavailable
  • Address: Suite 22E, Oriental Kenzo, Building C No. 48 Dongzhimenwai Street Dongcheng District Beijing, China 100027
  • Phone: US +1 (888) 766-1923 & CN +86 010 8485-6364
  • Website: Visit Website

Vericant is a third-party, independent interview service that adds verified data through video interviews and writing samples.  We believe admission officers know the perfect candidate when they see one. We also know each school is different and look for different characteristics in their candidates.  Our behavioral video interviews, purposely kept short, speak volumes about a candidate’s personality and English proficiency. Our supervised writing samples are especially useful as a representation of how well a student can write in a timed session – an activity much like what students will have to do in their English and History classes.  We’ve found that after viewing a candidate’s video and writing sample, admission officers have a very strong idea of the student’s personality and abilities.


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