FPP Edu-Media

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  • Organization: FPPEDUMedia
  • Email: info@fppedumedia.com
  • Address: 2853 Thornhill Road # 102B, Birmingham - AL, 35213, USA
  • Phone: 1.310.430.4645
  • Website: Visit Website

FPP Edu-Media began in a small garage in northeastern Brazil with only an idea and a desire to bridge a gap in international education – matching qualified students with quality international programs. It was at this early stage that FPP came up with a unique pre-screening process for students that would benefit all parties involved and eventually be the key to success for our clients, and therefore our organization. These noble yet bold beginnings have defined FPP as it has grown and developed into a premier provider of international student recruitment solutions.

At FPP we understand both the challenges involved in international recruitment and the realities of a limited budget, which is why our innovative endeavors have been so successful.


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